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Madoff gets trading card! I can see it now, kids trading Lebron James rookie cards for Madoff action shots



My Comments: This is too funny.  I can’t wait to collect the whole set.



Madoff Gets Trading Card in Scammer Set




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Insight into today’s Consumer Sentiment reading


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Breaking News: Bernie Madoff made money for someone!



My Comments: The crook actually makes somebody a few bucks. A Queens New York construction worker used the Bernie Madoff’s prison number to play the lottery and won $1,500!  I love the last line of the article “One thing he’s not going to do with the money is invest it in the stock market. He’s not that crazy.”

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Britney’s shotgun marriage didn’t last, why would Chrysler’s be any different?



My Comment: In a recent speech, President Obama said “Chrysler’s situation is more perilous, and the government will give the company 30 days to overcome hurdles to a merger with Fiat SpA, the Italian automaker. If they are successful “we will consider lending up to $6 billion to help their plan succeed.”


I have seen this scenario before; Britney Spears got drunk in Vegas and did a shotgun marriage.  I have no reason to think Chrysler getting hitched will end differently.

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Obama taps Volcker for tax code rebuild


My Comments: President Obama stated he is concerned that too many loopholes exist and too many people are cheating the system. Ahhhh.  I guess the President has pretty good knowledge of this problem since the running total of staff members with tax problems is running pretty high.

On a serious note, this could be a good thing if AMT gets overhauled.  You should remain skeptical.  When a President announces intentions to “rebuild the tax code” it ends up looking more like a band aid.

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Re-gifting is one thing, but stealing a cash gift back? Madoff sucks!


My Comments: Madoff makes a $20K gift to a kids trust fund, then breaches his fiduicary duties and steals nearly $460K from the trust. 

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Question: Should welfare recipients be subject to drug tests?



Interesting article about states considering drug tests for welfare recipients.

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