Alter Ego – Jefe VonHustle, Esquire


kids-begin-early-these-days-5-580x591I’m a full time money manager at a Pacific Northwest boutique investment company.  I teach investment management part-time and enjoy lecturing on investment related topics. 


My employer in no way supports this blog. If you use the information on this blog for any purpose, you may implode.  I encourage you to pay for financial advice (Examples: CPAs, Investment Managers and Estate Planning Attorneys) are in the same economy as the rest of us and need the work.


My Street Cred:

  • MBA, Willamette University
  • JD, Willamette University
  • Member of the Oregon State Bar
  • Managed money 6 Years
  • I made Chuck Norris cry once

My Bias:

  • I’m a free market capitalist
  • I lean libertarian, but no political party affiliation
  • I have plenty of vices including, but not limited to drinking, clubbing baby seals and playing as much poker as I can.
  • I make fun of people (to exercise my Constitutional Rights).   I regularly insult people, even though I don’t try.  I’m of the opinion that people just need to lighten up.






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