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How do you know Gold is in a bubble? Gold Vending Machines!


My Comments: In Germany you can now buy gold out of vending machines in the subway.  Gold is a funny asset that many people believe is the only real hedge against inflation.  The problem is you will always need willing buyers and sellers and during panics it usually goes up and during periods of normalcy everyone forgets about it.  It is the wrong asset to buy and hold for decades, but can provide some diversification benefits during periods of uncertainty.

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Republicans are smarter than Democrats on financial matters? So what, we are all under educated on these matters


Source: Pew Research

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The shotgun marriage didn’t last for Britney, why should Chrysler, Ford or GM be any different?




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Random Quote By Bob McTeer


I was raised as a Baptist but I soon learned that being Baptist doesn’t keep you from sinning; it just keeps you from enjoying it.


Bob McTeer

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GE use of the term “great” plunges along with the stock price


My Comment: Okay this is not scientific, but kind of funny.  Morgan Stanley created the “GE Greatometer” which basically tallied all of the times the word “great” was used during their quarterly investor call.  You can see as the use of the term “great” falls so does GE share price.  My question is, doesn’t Morgan Stanley have anything better to do right now?  On a serious note, pay attention to GE’s earnings announcement on 4/17, this will be a big announcement for the overall market and GE.  GE’s CEO has mounting pressure to deliver because large and small investors alike are losing confidence in GE.




Chart Source:

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Are insurance companies to blame for these pirate hijackings?

pirateMy Comment: I agree with Ms. Cabrera on balance, but what happens to those hostages that get taken and the insurers don’t pay?  Are we willing to accept some possible executions until the pirates get the message that we aren’t paying anymore.  I’m also not convinced that a strong (united) military campaign wouldn’t send the message to pirates.  Okay, sure the insurers would continue to make some coin, but the premiums should drop if the threat dissipates.


A Sure-Fire Cure for Pirate Hijackings

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Marshals seize Bernie Madoff’s Palm Beach House and find it full of bull


madoff-jokerMy Comment: I love the quote from the US Marshal “”I’ve never seen so much bull in my life,” Deputy U.S. Marshal Barry Golden said shortly after entering the house. “Pictures of bulls, bull statues, even bulls on clothing. There’s a lot of bull in the house.”



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