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Are insurance companies to blame for these pirate hijackings?

pirateMy Comment: I agree with Ms. Cabrera on balance, but what happens to those hostages that get taken and the insurers don’t pay?  Are we willing to accept some possible executions until the pirates get the message that we aren’t paying anymore.  I’m also not convinced that a strong (united) military campaign wouldn’t send the message to pirates.  Okay, sure the insurers would continue to make some coin, but the premiums should drop if the threat dissipates.


A Sure-Fire Cure for Pirate Hijackings

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Factoid: Financial Sector Official Lobbyists


In 2007  total official lobbyists for financial sector 2,996. Total money spent in campaign contributions and lobbying efforts (1998-2008) $5,178,835,253.

Source: Center for Responsive Politics

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Madoff Appeals Jailing!

Madoff’s wants to be set free until after his sentencing.  Ira Sorkin, Madoff’s attorney wrote “Since his arrest, Mr. Madoff has complied at all times with the extraordinarily restrictive bail conditions imposed upon him,” EXCUSE ME – but you are suppose to comply with your terms of bail!  You shouldn’t get a cookie or free pass for doing what your are required by the court to do. Also, I question whether sending millions of dollars in jewlery to friends and relatives around the country before the tidal wave of civil lawsuits start violates the terms of his bail. 

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